Vpnhub app is the best free Vpn to access you with the content and apps of the restricted site without losing your data and one-second browsing speed. Today’s internet in some countries is full of restriction, censorship, privacy invasion, and security breaches. Vpnhub provides the most secure service to all the users in every country.

By using it, no one can trace your exact location on IP, and also, the developer of VPNhub can’t do this. In simple words, you can quickly and without any worry of being traced visit your favorite sites or apps like Facebook, youtube, WhatsApp, telegram etc from all over the world.

It is free to download from our site, and it provides you with fast service with unlimited bandwidth. You can use Vpnhub with internet connectivity like wifi, 3G,4G, and free public hotspot.

The VPN Hub is one of the many solutions to get around the blocking of public Wi-Fi. The VPN Hub acts as an open Wi-Fi hotspot. It creates a secure tunnel for you to connect to free internet access rather than using your Wi-Fi hot spot. It does this by passing through a virtual wireless network.

VPNhub APK Free Download for Android

The way it works is that a VPN is configured and placed at the gateway, which is a piece of hardware or software located in the area where you wish to access free internet without any restrictions freely. This then passes through the public Wi-Fi, and the data is sent to the browser on your device, which enables it to show you a virtual view of the web like what you would see in the real world.

The functionality is similar to that of the free version of the Hub, which is why it is being referred to as the free version. The difference, however, is that you do not have to pay for the service, which is also a good thing. The main difference is the fact that with the free VPN Hub, you are limited to connecting to four other devices. In contrast, with the paid version, you can connect to any device equipped with an Open Wi-Fi option. Also, the free version only offers limited functionalities. With the paid version, you can enjoy the following.

VPN Hub Pro APK 1.3.1

First, there is the security issue resolved through the protection offered to your device. As you can surf freely and access protected sites, you are assured that your data is kept safe from any attacks. For example, you can access sites such as Facebook and YouTube as long as you have an Open Wi-Fi option. At the same time, you are restricted to a few options such as dial-up access and the likes in the case of the free VPN Hub. The result is that you can use the Hub effectively but with limitations.


  1. Simple user interface.
  2. Connect on a single click with Pc and smartphone.
  3. Select your choice IP.
  4. Unlock VoIP apps as well.

Installation of VpnHub APK

  1. Uninstall the play store version.
  2. Open the phone setting, go to security, and enable unknown sources.
  3. Download Vpnhub premium APK.
  4. Then double click on the APK file and install it on the device.
  5. Open Vpnhub App.
  6. Sign up with Google ID.
  7. Please select your favorite location and press the connect button, and enjoy it.


Is VPNhub safe for iPhone?

Yes, VPNhub is 100% safe for iPhone and other Apple mobile OS and even macOS.

Where Is VPNhub Located?

It is located in the USA but it has many servers all over the world with fast and secure connection speed.