VPNhub App Encrypt your data and hide your IP address easily.

Vpnhub is a private and free VPN that allows you to browse the web secretly, without geographic limitations, and hide all your data. By using this VPN, you can feel safe during browning on any public wifi network. This VPN permits you to access the sites from anywhere in the world with constant browsing speed.

Some websites are banned in different countries; this app will give you access to those sites. Vpnhub is available for ios, android, mac os, and windows users. During office work, gaming, chatting, and sharing, VPNhub protects all your important data. Without any worries, use public wifi in a cafe, airport, campus, office, or were traveling the whole world.

Another great feature of VPN Hub for PC is the option of connecting to a VPN server. The VPN is a Virtual Private Network service that can establish secure connections and hide your identity online. You can surf the web, download and install apps and connect to another device, all while keeping your location hidden.

If you’re traveling abroad, you can set up a VPN tunnel to allow you to connect to whichever servers you need to connect to easily. The VPN ensures that you remain anonymous and can surf the web securely while enjoying your browsing experience at home.

You can connect up to five devices to your VPN Hub for PC by selecting the ‘add extra IP address’ option from the main menu. When you enter this key, it will automatically assign you an IP address and then connect you to a given server. The good thing about the VPN is that you can change your settings any time you like. There is no software to download or install onto your computer – sign up for an account, create your user name and select the servers you want to connect to.

Another great feature of the VPN Hub for PC is its ability to configure and manage your connection between your computer and the internet. This is done simply through the main menu and can be done from anywhere with your choice of desktop, mobile or web browser. Configuring the proxy servers is simple and quick with the included wizards.

You can change the settings to allow or block traffic to 30 sites, including social networking sites and the free email service, while enabling and disabling the wifi connection to ensure your internet connection remains unlimited at all times.


  1. 100% free to use.
  2. Simple user interface.
  3. Use American VPN servers all over the world.
  4. Can hide your location and IP.
  5. Access public wifi.
  6. Unblock global video streaming.
  7. Available for android and windows OS.
  8. Protect your privacy.


A VPNhub is a private network you can connect over an internet connection which you use daily. After the connection, all the information becomes encrypted, protecting your privacy online. Can hide your exact location after the VPN connection. Vpnhub services are available all over the world with the fastest speed.

This apk gives you access to watch Tv, movies, and live sports from every country in the world. It allows users everywhere to unblock all the blocked websites and apps. It is the best VPN for accessing Geo-blocked sports events like Superbowl, formula 1, MLB, NHL, and many others. Use the Vpnhub application to access all your favorite websites in internet-restricted countries.


  1. Free to download.
  2. Connect on one tap.
  3. Connect multiple devices at once.
  4. Compatible with all web browsers.
  5. Browsing securely and quickly.

VpnHub APK Premium

Vpn works to make your device safe and secure while using the internet. There is a lot of free and premium VPN available in the play store, but everyone is confused about which one is the best VPN for our android or windows devices.

Here we provide you the most premium VPN app, which is named Vpnhub. Now you can download this app and make your privacy safe. Vpnhub gives you the best security and performance as compared to other VPN. Vpnhub app premium contains a lot of features which are given below.

VpnHub Premium Contains

  1. Unblock video streaming.
  2. Bypass site blocking and censorship.
  3. You can’t hack it on public wifi.
  4. Hide your privacy and locations.
  5. Servers in 60+ locations.
  6. Connect multiple devices at a time.
  7. Excellent browsing speed.

Free trial include

  1. American VPN server.
  2. Hide your IP and locations.
  3. Unblocked sites.
  4. Access public wifi safely.
  5. Running ads.
  6. The free version is only for mobile.

VpnHub PC

Suppose you are looking for an application that gives private and secure VPN services, then Vpnhub is the best app for pc. Vpnhub encrypts personal information and hides your location, IP, and identity from others. Not anyone can trace your IP and location. It bypasses all Geo-restrictions and firewalls so that you can access blocked sites and apps easily on your computer.

Installation on PC

Download Vpnhub premium free software for pc with the most reliable android emulator like NOX APK Player or Bluestacks. All the android emulators are compatible with using smart Vpnhub.


  1. Download emulator bluestacks for pc from the official page and install on pc.
  2. The blue stack is a very useful app that allows you to use the android application of pc.
  3. After installation of bluestacks, you need to login into your google account.
  4. Now installed the vpnhub on your device and then start using it on windows with the help of bluestacks.


  1. Easy to use interface.
  2. No limitation of use.
  3. Provide fast browsing speed.
  4. Work on wifi, 3G, 4G, and hotspot.
  5. Provide services all over the world.

VpnHub Windows

Internet protection and security are the essential factors when browsing the internet, but some trackers likely want to trace your information and steal your data. So simple to secure yourself from such a tracker and dangerous situation to use Vpnhub in your windows pc while browsing the internet.

Vpnhub windows hide your location, IP, and identity. It is entirely free to download applications and work on windows such as windows 7,8, and window ten, etc. It also permits you to access the blocked sites and apps in your region.


  1. Easy to use.
  2. Make your data safe and secure.
  3. Provide free American VPN servers.
  4. Fast access to public wifi connection.
  5. Easily bypass blocked sites compared to other VPN apps.

VPNHub Review

Installing the Vpnhub application is very simple, and the user interface is straightforward to understand. All the user’s reviews of windows, mac os, android, and iOS who installed the application are pleased with the performance of Vpnhub. In a free plan, you can unblock Netflix. It doesn’t unblock BBC iplayer, but it will unblock youtube videos in restricted areas.

Offer both the free and premium packages, but the free plan only works on mobile. The most exciting feature in a premium plane is that no ads are shown and given access to all the servers.

VpnHub’s premium version can be installed on the desktop. Windows users use OpenVPN or IKEV2 VPN protocol. Open VPN is the most secure for the clients, and IKEV2 is also safe and faster than OpenVPN. It is the most secure Vpn and can protect all your data from the tracker during use of the internet. One tap on the screen to connect the VPN and start browsing safely.

VPNHub Account

While using the internet always creates a threat of hackers, therefore it is very important for everyone to protect his data and visit every website without worry. Create the VPNhub account and secure 5 devices with one account. Access the blocked sites and protect your online privacy.

How to get started

  1. Download and install the application.
  2. Create them with easy steps.
  3. Open the app with a double click.
  4. Connect to the server with one tap on the screen.


What Is VPNhub App?

VPNhub is a security app for mobile and desktop devices for the use of secure internet surfing.

How Do Use VPNhub?

You can easily use the VPNhub by downloading and installing from the above link.

Why Is VPNhub Free?

VPNhub provides a free trial version for the user in order to take advantage and now the quality of this app.

Why Use VPNhub?

To secure your internet connection and browser worldwide websites and contents anonymously almost free of cost.